Thursday, September 06, 2007

This, is my face... :)

Today was really good.
I got up semi-early, got showered and went into Glasgow. When I got to Glasgow, I walked down Suchiehall steet (cant spell) to the train station and bout a return ticket to Stirling.
I bought a cappuccino. On the train I sat at a table and listened to the radio on my phone. A really weird man sat next to me. He had dots tattooed on his knuckles and had one of those little mp3 players that take the AAA batteries. His bag had his name on it, I remember thinking it was a really odd name.
In Stirling I went to the letting agents, got my new keys and went to the flat. Put a few photos on the walls and tidied up a little. Emma came over and we sat chatting for a bit, then went to Varsity for lunch. We hung around there for ages, Dave came over for a while but it was a bit awkward and apparently he was really hung-over from drinking with work friends. Nice to see he has a social life I suppose. He kinda annoyed me today though, I'm not quite sure why. I don't like seeing exes after we break up...well certainly not so soon after we break up.
Emma and I then went shopping, she bought a woolen cardigan thing from Zara TRF which was really nice. All the clothes there were lovely but TINY.
We wandered round a little more but i didn't see anything I wanted. Emma got a coffee from Beanscene and then we went to my flat to empty my suitcases so I could take them home to fill up again for Stirling move: Phase 2.
Afterwards we went to Emma's and had a lovely dinner and watched hollyoaks. Then I trekked home. Overall, it was a fab day.
I'm probably going to move to Stirling tomorrow, so I probably wont be posting as much...don't have Internet in the flat.

A few leaving notes:

Make your mind up. Time is precious and not to be wasted.

Understand what I am going through.

Thanks for joining me on the highs and lows again. Thought I'd lost you.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Loneliness....Her scent made me turn the pillow"
Best. Graffiti. Ever.